Monday, November 1, 2010

And now for a word from our sponsor...

Very brief interruption of birth story blogging to report on a BIG working Mom event. Today I went to have a meeting with the director of Boy's day care to talk about potty training and she dropped a bombshell on me...

They are closing at the end of the month.

So I must find child care, STAT, AND I'm competing for the limited day care slots in this "so-called" city with 25 other families.

I dropped off Boy and immediately went to the child care center down the street. It's close, its cheap, and they have a few openings. It is ALSO a fundamentalist religious institution. To me this is tolerable, but undesirable. Moreover, its extremely structured - they schedule the kids days in 15 minute slots- which is completely intolerable in Hub's eyes, and pretty undesirable in mine. The rest of the day cares either won't take infants or are a 20-30 minute drive away.

Should I let them turn my kid into a little robot... or should I spend hours of my already precious time driving my kids to some place with a patch of grass behind a strip mall that I can't get to quickly in an emergency? Or should I put my kids in two different day cares: one that lets my barely 2 year old be 2, and use the close one for the infant?


  1. What a nightmare! I am so sorry. Can you get someone to come to your house to provide care for them both? I did that with my son (from the age or 4 months to 4 years) using a team of different babysitters for different days etc..

  2. Similar thought: those daycare folk will be out of work. Grab the 1-2 you like best, grab a bunch of other parents... et voila.

    [Heck, probably not in time, but your PUI might consider offering space, no?]

  3. My suggestion is to put safety first and everything else second, especially with infants and young kids who can't really describe anything that happens to them properly. Having raised several kids now I say that's all that matters. Any education philosphy is secondary.

  4. That sounds like an impossible problem - so sorry! How can an entire day care just close? Good luck, and here's hoping that something more palatable appears soon!

  5. Our best bet may be the two daycare solution. There's a GOOD daycare for a toddler about 10 minutes away, but won;t take the baby. Baby could go to fundamentalist close day care and toddler can go to good toddler day care...