Monday, August 2, 2010

Lil' Me Stayin' Put.

Here I am. Still. Lil' me, just hanging over here as always on Blogger. My links to other blogs have just gone totally wacked because of some up-heaval, schmeaval that I care NO.THING about.

So here I am. Still. Lil' me, not trying to analyze literature, get you a successful R01, or discuss religion vs science (a false dichotomy). I'm just tellin' you about what it's like to be in my spot. Hopin' to ed-u-mi-cate SOMEbody, help someone, somehow. That is all.


  1. I'll read you no matter where you are! Thanks again for all the posts.

  2. Blogger bloggers rule, right!

    Besides, educating people about work-life issues is just as important for scientists as R01 strategies. Arguably it's more important, because how to get that sort of info is obvious; learning about another person's experience of balancing work and life is much more difficult.

  3. It's pretty fucken hilarious that all these small-time bloggers who allegedly DON'T CARE and are totally fucken INDIFFERENTLY BORED by all this UPHEAVAL SCHMEAVAL are all fucken blogging about it. Sounds to me like you're all full of fucken shit.

  4. Come on, CPP, I also blog about bug bites on my toddler. Just becuase I mention it in my blog doesn't mean its terribly consequential.

    It just means I will have to update my blog list when I get around to it. Until I do, people who use my blog list will see a bunch of abandoned blogs. That's worth mentioning...

    Not tryin' to diss anybody. Glad to see you visit occasonally.

  5. I don't care where you go, I'll always be a fan of The Two Body Problem! But if you do move, let us know.

  6. Yeah, another 'Lil' ole me' here still reading and blogging in my usual place! Keep up the good work!