Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another commuter marriage dilemma

So despite the hassle (read here), we are going away for the weekend. Wahoo!

We are all going to Fun Place (right). Dad is on top in Big City, Mom and Boy are left, and Another City is sort of in the middle. Dad can't leave until noon Friday, and Mom and Boy need part of Friday for preparations. Parking at Fun Place is expensive. My european readers; public transport is woefully inadequate, hence we have a two-car problem. This weekend is a big holiday weekend; I expect awful traffic coming out of Big City where Dad is leaving from. How do we solve the logistics?

Option 1. Dad drives 2 hours home, we all drive 4 hours to Fun Place. Then we reverse at end of weekend. This wastes gas, and is harder on Dad- 8 extra hours of driving, Dad would arrive at 2:30p at home, so the family wouldn't arrive until AT BEST 7pm (bedtime for Boy) at Fun Place. Likely later with traffic.

Option 2. Dad and Mom and Boy meet in Another City. We would have to find a place to park car, then drive together from Another City to Fun Place. Most efficient time and gas-wise, the return trip seems easier. It would require research to find where to park car (free is preferable). Another City has a high crime rate; I am worried about leaving a car unattended for the weekend there. We could meet together at about 3pm in Another City; in be in Fun Place by 5-6 pm AT BEST. If Dad gets caught in traffic coming out of Big City, Boy and Mom will have to wait in an unfamiliar place for an unknown length for Dad.

Option 3. Mom and Boy go directly to Fun Place early, and spend time chilling out until Dad arrives. Dad parks the car (for cost) at Fun Place. There would be no ability to ride in the car together, so we'd get less time together (which is precious; and less help with a potentially fussy toddler for Mom). This costs more in gas, parking and traffic hassle, but is simplist in preparation. Boy might be better rested and settled in before bedtime.

Hmmm. What to do???

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