Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stay at home Mom

Met a stay-at-home Mom today, wife of an equivalent of mine. Plenty has been blogged about how men with a stay at home wife can succeed much easier than women in a similar situation, because they don't have the added burden of the domestics... and I've always agreed. In our conversation, I couldn't help thinking the whole time, "You know, I do both yours and your husband's jobs on my own". I hope she didn't hear me screaming inside while I had a smile plastered on my face. Must remember never to drink around her. Never, ever.


  1. I don't like talking to stay-at-home Moms because I get insanely jealous. I want to stay at home with my son, but I know that two days of it would drive me batty - or alcoholic...

  2. Thanks for the comment! (my first)

    What made it worse was that she was small and sugary sweet.

    I loved summer transition time where I took Boy in to the day care from about 11a-3pm. My most productive hours, and still lots of face time with da Boy.

  3. oh, don't you know it. I have to bite my tongue a lot listening to a lot of women who has seen the light aka "no more work since I have my children now....and by the way, men can't take care of a house". I don't have children but so far, I don't thnk I can stay away from working outside the house - never have been good at not working.

    end of my drinking with that conversation ;)

  4. You got it in one! Men who have stay at home wives have staff - you do not. Imagine what life could be like if you came home to dinner on the table?!

    I hired a student from my PUI liberal arts college to do just that - cook dinner with my two sons (13 and 15). It was such an incredible luxury to come home to that 2 nights a week, I can't tell you!

    Good luck with it all...

  5. Michelle,

    Well I have taken your advice! Our new household helper will arrive at 7 pm tonight to get to the stuff we just can't manage. What do you pay yours?

  6. Great!!! I hope it's as marvelous experience for you as it's been for us (quite apart from dinner on the table, having these "big sisters" in our kids lives has been wonderful for them). I having been paying ours $12/hr....which is roughly what the "best" on campus jobs pay.