Sunday, August 9, 2009

Introduction Part 2- Why hub can't easily work here

We moved into a little house here within walking distance of my work, signed a mortgage. For the first year that hubby was home from overseas post-doc, he worked odd jobs and volunteered before the baby came and then was full time Dad after the baby came. Small Religious U (my employer) offered him a course to teach each semester, and he took on the job. He did an ok job, got very decent teaching evaluations from the students, but never really enjoyed the teaching. In fact, I cringe when he tells people in social situations that he really disliked it, because 1. I don't want him to burn any bridges and 2. If he loved teaching, we wouldn't have this separation. Here in town there is a big University that is NOT an RO1, even though by size it ought to be. So this big University values teaching in their hires and they also don't have a lot of purely research positions for people of his experience. And certainly not in his Narrow Field. Here in town is also a decent research institute that hires purely research people, but it studies something completely different than he is trained in, and he is very reluctant to retool. So if he wants to work in his field, he has to go out of town to find something.

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