Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ahh, the end of summer.

So I have started to put the Boy in daycare so I can work during the day. The work I do when he's in the day care varies, but its a whole lot of answering emails: can I use you as a reference? yes. Can you write a letter of reference for me to PT school? Yes, I'll try to get the committee together for that. You are behind in the process. Can I bring over my trade school class to see your cadavers? Yes, but I can only accommodate half of them at a time around the table.-What shall we do with the other half in the meantime? Oh, don't worry about that, I'll entertain them somehow. Hmmmmmn.
Some days I am glad to give him some novelty for a few hours. He has certainly grown bored with the toys around the house. Other days, I think, "I'm paying $160 a week for this?" I could be at home with my kid right now.

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