Friday, July 11, 2014

We won the lottery!

Random bullets of not-necessarily crap:

  • Have a draft waiting to be finished about how our marriage has deteriorated since a month or two before the move. Went to counseling today. We're going to make it, but we are entering the "hard work" phase of our relationship.
  • Trying to analyze data from my sabbatical. Will need to go back for one more experiment at the end of this month.
  • Meanwhile, time to read and choose textbooks for Fall courses ASAP.
  • Lose our Au Pair at the end of the month. Have begun to cobble together child care from and Lots of fish in the sea. Let's see how the retention is...
  • Enrolled my son in kindergarten today. He blew the lid off the entrance evaluation. When I asked about gifted programs, I was informed that our school district is excellent at bringing English Language learners up to speed and serving the lower tier learners. But gifted? I was encouraged to be an activist within the school district...
And finally...
  • EXCELLENT NEWS that will make it VERY HARD TO MOVE! We won the lottery to get my son (and daughter, as it is automatic) into the bilingual program!!!. Now half of his entire early elementary school hours will be conducted in Spanish. We are ecstatic!!! 

Just noticed: Happy 500 posts to this blog!

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