Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to separated

The family and almost all of our stuff have now returned to our modest town home in our modest-sized city.

On Monday, Hub drove back into work at my now-former institution in my now-former city. We are back to the status quo, with a few exceptions.

1. We still have our au pair, who has been super helpful this week. She works upstairs and I work downstairs and the kids have a grand time. She has been useful in getting the kids stuff in order.

2. The day Daddy drove away, we were delivered a little kitten. The kitty had been dumped behind a doctors office, and a nurse put a signal out via social media. We have been discussing getting a pet for a few weeks, but the timing made it possible to avoid a big let down that evening when we all went to bed for the first time without Daddy. Kitten Picture

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