Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scaling back

When I first arrived at my new job, a big campaign began to renovate our current facilities, which were built in the mid 60s and have remained the same since. The faculty participated in the architectural design and many fundraisers to raise funds for the "new" 40 some odd million dollar facility. This was not an unrealistic goal in the time before 2008.

Now I have tenure, and despite their absolute best efforts,  the development team has only come up with 6 some odd million dollars, and have finally called it. No new facility. They seemed very disappointed to announce to the faculty their new direction: we will have the architects draw up renovation plans worth 6 million. The faculty encouraged and affirmed the work of development, though many saw the announcement coming from a mile away. Renovation in the next few years will be much nicer than a new facility after I retire.

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