Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fraternizing with the troops

As a professor at a Small Liberal Arts Institution, I am expected to get to know the students well. A few students really take to me and want to be friends. I enjoy this mostly. This week I've had a good week visiting with former students on a friend-like basis.

1. I had lunch with a student who was a very enthusiastic learner in my class and a very nice person. She went overseas to India and has a passion to practice healthcare there. We talked about many things, including this TED talk, which I love and could watch daily:

2. I met with a student for advising who went through a very difficult time while she was in my course. I was kind to her and now she seeks my advice for many things, but mostly professional things. Technically she isn't even attending our school anymore, but she still considers me her advisor and we are on very friendly terms.

3. I had a student who is an EMT in one of my courses. I met with him this morning and he re-certified me for CPR. There was only a few moments of awkwardness as the student became the teacher and vice versa, but by the end, we were laughing and telling funny stories. I REALLY enjoyed this time.

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