Monday, February 20, 2012

THE Letter !!!!!!

Dear PUI Prof (used my first name),

The University Faculty Status Committee met to take action on promotion requests and contract recommendations. I am happy to report that the committee took the following actions to approve your contract review.

Action XII: that we recommend to the board of trustees the approval of an initial 6-year contract [tenure!!!] for PUI Prof, 2012-2018.

The action is pending and final decision of the Board of Trustees at the Spring meeting. The committee urges you to pay special attention to enhancing your scholarship portfolio during this initial 6 year contract. [I haven't published as much as my peers in the sciences- though more than the humanities- but we are judged by those in our field] The committee also expressed particular appreciation for the thought and expression of your personal faith statement [a treatise we had to write for our portfolio].

Congratulations and best wishes as you continue to contribute in significant ways to the life and mission of Small Religious U.


Da Provost.