Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fly on a private jet to a fundraiser or feed my kids spaghetti?

Have been invited to participate in an all-day meeting far-ish away to help raise funds for the University. Donation of private jet time will allow several faculty to go, I have been selected. Sounds exciting.

Problem is, its in the middle of the week and on music lesson day, no less. I am normally solo parenting that day. So I would have to find coverage for my labs that day (pffft. no problem.), find a babysitter that will pick the kids up at their day cares, take then to music, feed them, and put them to bed (uhhhh...) and find time to pump among all the male administrators and the packed schedule (*sharp inhale*).

What thinks my bloggy friends? Just say no? Go? Suggestions?


  1. Ahhh... Maybe that's why I am not a parent. I find it hard to resist the opportunity of flying in a private jet. I would try to go. Again, I don't have the responsibilities.