Thursday, February 27, 2014

Students like to see you have a family life.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I see that a friend of mine, a professor, took her 2 year old into her lecture. Apparently her students took pictures of her lecturing with him on her hip and doodling on the board below her notes. The images were tagged with "My prof rocks!" and "That's what I call a working Mom!"

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  1. that's pretty cool... I have had to bring my kiddo (20 months) into class a few times but usually bc my hubs is stuck in traffic on his way to come watch the kiddo in my office while I lecture. Then I get notes on my teaching evals asking me to bring my kid to class more. He (kiddo) sometimes comes for a half day when he's sick and i dont have class or he comes in for field work. I never thought of it as work-life balance but you know, given that >50% of our majors are women, there might really be some of that to it. Thanks for the perspective :)