Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Summer's Activities

Thanks for a note asking where I've been. I'm pleased to report that it hasn't been because I am overwhelmed with work. I am not. I'm probably publishing less due to a slow loss of motivation caused by fewer and fewer comments (I have heard this may have more to do with the Google reader than a loss of interest).

In any case, I am doing 5 things this summer. I'm getting paid for 4 of them.

1. I taught a May Term course. It was an interdisciplinary course co-taught with a seasoned vet, and was entirely enjoyable. The students were diverse and engaged. The subject matter was familiar enough but new enough, and I learned a lot. Moreover, the work was nice: we met every day for 2 hours, I took lunch, prepped and graded in the afternoon. No evening work. One thing to focus on at a time. Ideal. (about $800 because I split the teaching)

2. I'm doing "Science Summer Camp" I've done this two years before, and written here and here about it. $1500 for four half-days of work and relatively little prep.

3. I have an independent study student taking a course I offered this spring. $500 for rearranging the course and sitting with him 2 hours a week for 8 weeks. Relatively little weekly prep.

4. Exploring sabbatical options. The proposal is due in September and they are competitive. In a talk with my Dean, she suggested that given this past few years' experiences, that I make getting a sabbatical and spending the full year living together with my husband my absolute top priority.

5. Writing up my research into a manuscript ($1500 scholarship grant). This has been really hard for me to focus on, for some reason. I am watching myself procrastinate daily and scold myself for not being more productive.

I'm also far more mellow about getting my kids to the daycare early in the morning. We explore, we play, we cuddle. It's been so very nice to have the lack of pressure in the AM.


  1. Great summer! I agree that AMs are much more relaxed in the summer - that is the best part. The reason I end up so stressed each morning is because I REALLY have to be somewhere ASAP! :(

  2. LOVE that your dean recommended you use your sabbatical to spend much needed time in the same space as your husband. Hope that you find a viable option soon!