Monday, January 30, 2012

Faculty Search updates 2

Moot point. Field + / Faith - candidate withdrew. Back to the drawing board?
At this point very glad that we advertised as a one year position. Despite the option of not renewing any contracts before tenure, when we hire on for a tenure-track position we are really committed to the success of that person. Getting the right person up-front is very desirable. Drat! about our shallow pool this year, drat.


  1. I find it intresting that you say good we advertised for a one year position. I am at a unique institution as well, though we are not faith based there are other moral/ethical issues at my school that teachers must adhere to. My department head has the same philosophy of hiring people for a one year position and then offering a full time job if it works out. I wonder if you get a shallower pool if you advertise for a temporary position rather than a tenure track position. Just a thought I have had.

  2. We really don't hire tentatively- the hire is for a new program that may or may not succeed, not that we are unwilling to stick our necks out! Sorry for the wrong impression.