Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Feminism on the ground

I appreciate the comments on the last post... but to highlight one: GMP said, "...hard to pull off".

Example 1: Mom really needs to get some high-intensity exercise to decrease her stress levels, but most of the classes at the gym (Zumba, Spinning) are scheduled in the morning before day care opens, or in the evening overlapping with dinner time or bed time.

Yes, I could do something independently in the middle of the day (if I don't have meetings). Yes, I could hire a babysitter to come and put the kids to bed while I go to the gym. But the evidence suggests that there is an energy barrier associated with those alternatives that is high enough to be prohibitive with my current capacity (which includes my energy). In other words, I feel too tired to do what it takes to get less tired.

So yes, sometimes hard to pull off the Makin' Momma Happy.


  1. OK sciDAD's summer schedule is keeping me from ALL my early AM and Night time exercise classes. I've been doing zumba to stuff on youtube, no where NEAR as good as the real thing, but in a pinch!

  2. In other words, I feel too tired to do what it takes to get less tired.

    Oh man, do I know what you mean! A couple of years ago, after many months of deliberation, I managed to get myself to sign up for exercise classes held at a great little studio abou 5 min drive from where I live. The classes were 6-6:45 AM, and I would be back before it's time to get everyone ready for school. Perfect, right?
    After a month of me going to classes, the place went out of business and closed forever!! My husband still teases me that I should take it as a sign that I should not exercise. :)

    It's very hard to find the time and energy, and I admire women who can do it at home at 10 pm when everyone's down. By then, I am totally pooped.

  3. Hire a babysitter to put the kids to bed? That's gotta come with serious hazard pay.

    Would be pretty nice some nights though!