Monday, December 20, 2010

Birth Story Part 8- The birth

Actually, you missed it. It was here.

But don't worry you are in good company. We did not have time to call the doula, or the 2 nursing students I invited to attend BEFORE the birth. The nursing students were horribly disappointed when they arrived an hour later (they knew they missed it but came to visit). We started to get visitors- the baby sitters of my son, other friends. It was wonderful to feel alive and energetic and excitedly tell the story.

Boy was so excited to be in the hospital room (new things to play with! buttons to push! plugs to pull!) that he barely noticed this pink cylindrical thing that people kept shoving into his face.

The cycle of begging for popsicles and anything else to eat or drink from the nursing staff started and didn't end until 24 hours later when we checked out. I was ravenous. And ecstatic.

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