Monday, October 25, 2010

Birth Story Part 1- Previous Exp.

As a background I have to explain how the labor went with my first child. I had been debilitated for at least a two weeks due to a serious loosening of my pelvic joints. My hips no longer bore weight, and I was hugely pregnant and on crutches. This is a great way to get doors opened for you in public places.

I began having painful contractions on a Wednesday night at 7 pm. The painful contractions were regular, but spaced about 6-8 minutes apart. They continued through the night. That morning I called the OB office. I went in to be checked *twice* that day, with the midwife reporting very little progress either time. I was monitored- yes I was having decent contractions, just not getting any dilation.

By Thursday evening (more than a day after the contractions began) I checked into the hospital around 9pm. My water seemed to break, and we called all the support in. The room was full of people and we all spent the night in the hospital room together- I was napping between managing painful contractions. Everyone else spent a peaceful night, and most went home after breakfast. By noon on Friday, the midwife had waited long enough, and I was given a gentle pitocin drip. Then things began to progress, and my son was born a little after 4pm that Friday. This was after 43 hours of contractions, but it only required a few pushes to squeeze that 7 and a half pounder out. So Boy was born.

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