Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thinkin' Ahead to Summer

I have to nail my summer down right now. In beginning November. Its the last thing I wanna think of right now!

1. Teach a May or June course. 3 weeks intensive and about $2500. New course not in my field of expertise. Probably 5 students max.

2. Get 1-2 students from the local REU for research. 10 weeks full time for a very miserable $1500 (talk about unfunded mandate!). I need the students to get my summer research done. And I need the summers to get publishable data.

3. Both A and B, with caution not to overlap.

4. Take Boy and live with Hub in major city suburb. He doesn't have the summer off. We would save about $1600 in day care expenses.

Anyone have suggestions??


  1. Teach a May course, Spend June doing research, and spend July and early August on a family sabbatical/mini-retirement with your son and your husband in the major city. Tell everyone that spending July in a different city with your family is something that Danish culture insists upon and that you think is a great idea to refresh yourself and make you more productive. (The latter part may in fact happen, but in any case, it gives people a reason to support you, even if secretly they are jealous as can be. My family is a doing a mini-retirement this July and I can't wait. It will be refreshing and lovely and as we've started telling people about it, the responses have been very supportive. Everyone else wishes they could do it, too! Good luck, whatever you decide!

  2. Oh, this is a tough one. It seems like a matter of juggling family togetherness, finances, and research needs. I have no suggestions, just commenting to say that I totally understand (living my own two body with child problem).

  3. May course, June and July with Hub. Use extra money from May course to plan camp or something a few weeks in which you can do research.